Blogging in Higher Education

Blog, blog, blog away,

Blog in higher ed.

There are ways

to do it right

And get the message across.

For higher ed, what is the best way to get your message across? Who needs to blog? What should higher ed be blogging about?

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To begin a blog, one must decide a direction or focus for the blog. In higher education, the focus could simply be in higher education. If you want to be more specific, it might be best to focus on your department within a higher education institution. For example, if the department you are wanting to promote through a blog is marketing, you might focus on job opportunities now and in the future for marketing graduates. You could blog about what is happening within the department such as networking opportunities for students, career fairs, courses being offered, or maybe even information about graduates of the department as a feature.

A great source for beginning bloggers is Grammarly. This source provides tips for beginners. Some of them include:

  • Answer questions; use a question for the title and then answer the question.
  • Write 500 words minimum and 1500 words maximum.
  • Make the blog posts easy on the eyes with bullets, numbers, and pictures.
  • Be passionate about your writing.
  • Write as if you are speaking to one person (reader); tell a story.
  • Define your ideal target (Joki, 2017).

One of my favorites from this list is: “When writing your blog post, don’t stop writing until you are 100 percent finished (Joki, 2017).”

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Great Resources for Beginners

University Webinars provided a list of “top 25 Higher Ed Blogs for University Faculty & Staff (Eich, 2013).” They looked at over 200 blogs to determine their list. It is a fun list and one can even connect to the list of 200 higher ed blogs that the writers reviewed to come up with the list of 25. Here is the link to this list:

Another fun site Is by Higher Ed Marketing. This blog is written by Andrew Careaga. He writes “tongue-n-cheek” but brings out great points in each of his blogs. Go to to read his posts. They can be very helpful.

Another blog that was really helpful when thinking about a blog for my department was by There is a post, 12 tips to survive your #highered social media job #hesm (Joly, 2017). This was posted just recently but has insights from presenters at the 5th Higher Ed Social Media Conference. Here are just some highlights:

  • Erin Supinka -unplug from social media.
  • Rebecca Stapley – Develop good habits & set boundaries.
  • Jessica Stutt -Schedule focused “work time.”
  • Nikki Sunstrum – Rely on your team.
  • Jacob Schupbach – Stay flexible & trust your team (Joly, 2017).

These are just a few of the 12 but to read more on their thoughts and others, go to:

If all this is not enough help for us beginners in the world of blogging, there is a network of higher ed bloggers. This network may be found at This site will provide you with a plethora of blogs in higher ed that are written by webmasters, marketers, counselors, vendors, consultants, and so many more.

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3 thoughts on “Blogging in Higher Education”

  1. Hi Sherry,

    Your blog is very welll written, I enjoy reading it. Blogging in Higher education can be a very good educational tool, but there can be issues. The one that I can think of is that anyone can write a blog regardless of fact or fiction. They can be (and usually are) very one sided and opinionated. If someone in higher education uses a blog as a source, it can cause some issues.

    Good Work!


  2. Sherry,
    You did a very great job on your higher education blog. Everything was very well written and educational. I like how you wrote that there are many different sides and/or departments to higher education but that you could promote higher education specifically to a certain subject, education, and department. Very well done!


  3. Great examples and resources, Sherry! I liked your opening, “To begin a blog, one must decide a direction or focus for the blog. In higher education, the focus could simply be in higher education. If you want to be more specific, it might be best to focus on your department within a higher education institution.” I agree 100 percent!


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